“People are the most important thing. Business model and product will follow if you have the right people.” ~ Adam Neumann

From personal experience, poor leadership can lead to bad business. Having working with poor leadership in the past, it became apparent that high turnover, low moral and loss of business was a direct link to who was in charge and how they ran things.

Unfortunately, many business owners, not just dentists, don’t understand that. In fact, they more often than not, don’t see themselves as a “leader”, and instead a boss or employer. Although people don’t usually have the job title of Office Leader, in truth, when you are in a position where people are working for you, a leader is what you should be.

Part of Senaden is to assist dentists in becoming the leader of their team. Through coaching, goals, and simple plans that they can execute on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, we give them multiple ways to encourage, inspire and thank their team for working hard on making the practice a success.

We also help with understanding who to hire and why. We look at personality traits, skills and more, to create a format of hiring the right people to the team. Throw out that experience is everything, and lets find people that will actually make your job easier, because they are the right people for your team.

Being a business owner is tough, and having employees is not the easiest thing. However, by having solid leadership skills, clear expectations and knowledge of the types of people you want on your team, it doesn’t have to be a hurdle you have to jump over that often.

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